Indian Wife Impregnated

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God 2 years ago
I don’t think that’s how pregnancy works. Y’all Indian niggas different though. I’mma be honest, I was drunk when I threw y’all together.
Alan 2 years ago
Only Indian women can be impregnated through the mouth!!
Wtf 2 years ago
How tf is this an impregnation, all she did was such dick
Fuckyouhoe 2 years ago
Shit! Lucky bastard wish she my aunt!
DONALD TRUMP 2 years ago
I don't think that's how you impregnate somebody
2 years ago
My kind of birth control
“Indian nephew” 1 year ago
Indian nephew my ass
He’s whiter than an Irish who hasn’t left their house since an infant.
Halooo 2 years ago
I know you're tamilachi and BTW you're so good cock sucker .
BetsyBee 2 years ago
Sucking an American circumcised cock?
Nice 2 years ago
Good job lily