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hey 5 years ago
why call the women sluts, bitches and whores but never call the men assholes, bastards and cunts?
Dat guy 6 years ago
"I already knew it wasn't you"
Haitham 5 years ago
Please her name
Vijay 5 years ago
I need this for my wife
cuck 5 years ago
10 months ago
if I was him I would join in and shove my cock in her mouth while she's still blind folded. Then I would tell him let's both fill her pussy with cum as many times as we can. I would love to creampie her pussy for hours.
glenn 1 year ago
i wish she was my gf
effyleven 2 years ago
You certainly taught her, right?!
Handjob 2 years ago
SHYPHER PK 1 year ago
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